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What makes the Jevonbaby Pump different from traditional breast pumps?

Our wearable breast pump eliminates all the external tubes and wires that you have to manage with traditional pumps. Its in-bra design means you can pump while commuting, working, or doing household chores.

 And the Jevonbaby pump doesn’t have to sacrifice performance for mobility. It offers 3 adjustable suction modes and a range of 9 intensity levels that are comparable to hospital-grade pumps. 

With its easy-to-assemble and easy-to-clean design, there’s no massive learning curve or complicated instructions. You can get pumping and get on with your day!

How is the Jevonbaby pump different from other wearable pumps?

Jevonbaby is the only wearable breast pump that provides both direct-to-milk storage bag or direct-to feed bottle design that can be fit comfortably within any bras. This design saves you the hassle of pouring milk into storage bags or bottles, the concern over a hygienic milk transfer, and the worry of crying as it spills all over your desk. You can focus on what matters most - your little one. 

Direct-to-milk storage bag design also means that you have fewer parts to wash, unlike other wearable breast pumps where you need to wash the container every time you finish using it. With our direct-to-storage bag design, you can directly connect a new storage bag and continue pumping while storing your breastmilk conveniently without manual transfer. This also saves space in your UV steriliser for your milk bottles.

It’s easy to track milk levels through the milk storage bags or bottles, so you'll never have to worry about guessing how much milk you have left. And if you notice that no milk has been pumped, you can quickly make adjustments to the alignment of your nipple and nipple funnel inserts

How do I get started?

Before handling your breast pump, we suggest massaging your breast with a hot towel to make sure there is no duct blockage. Please ensure to wash your hands thoroughly and clean your breasts and nipples.

How do I get the pump in the right position?

We suggest practising alignment in a mirror several times before your first pumping session.  Choose the right nipple funnel inserts size and center the nipple funnel inserts (without the pump attached) over your nipple to ensure there is no gap between them (this prevents any leakage or discomfort).

When you place the nipple funnel inserts inside the pump for your first session, you’ll have a better idea of alignment, which will improve as you gain experience. Most moms are pros after a few sessions.

Is the material used in Jevonbaby pumps food grade and BPA free?

Yes, our breast pumps are made of food-grade silicone and are BPA-free.